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Cancer Epigenomics Workshop


                in Texas Medical Center 



Please send Registration and Abstract to Ms Brandy Garrett at bcgarret@bcm.edu  

Registration is free, and deadline is 04/10/2009


Keynote speaker: Peter Jones, USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center         



Epigenetic Mechanisms (Image: Nature 441, 143-145 (11 May 2006))


Time: May 2nd (Saturday) 2009



Location: MD Anderson South Campus (SCRB)

7435 Fannin, Houston, TX 77054 map


Parking is complimentary on the surface lot in the back of SCRB






Temporary Program         



08:30-09:00  Breakfast and Poster
Brief Welcome and Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Steffi Oesterreich, BCM
Keynote Speaker

Peter Jones, USC

"The furture of epigentic therapy."

10:00-11:00  Session 1: Cancer Epigenome

Lanlan Shen, MDACC

"Genome - Wide DNA methylation mapping in normal cells and cancer"


JP Issa, MDACC     
"Polycomb group mediated silencing in cancer"


Steffi Oesterreich, BCM

"Estrogen deprivation results in altered DNA methylation profile in breast cancer cells-

Role in endocrine resistance?" 


Wei Li, BCM

"A genomic view of epigenetic regulation in cancer"

11:00-12:00  Session 2: Chromatin Readers

Sharon Dent, MDACC

"New function for the gen5 histone acetylatrasferase."


Mark Bedford, MDACC

"Regulation of transcription by protein arginine methyltransferases."


Xiaobing Shi, MDACC

"The reader--unlock the mystery of Iysine methylation."


Bert O'malley, BCM

"SRC-Family coactivators: Targets for cancer - and threapy?"

Lunch and Poster
Session 3: Clinical Relevance

Cheryl Walker, MDACC

"Developmental Reprogramming of Tumor Suppressor Gene Penetrance."


Estela Medrano, BCM

"HDAC1 regulates chromatin remodeling events in cellular senescence, tissue aging, and cancer"


Art Beaudet, BCM

"The role of epigenetics in complex genentic disorders including mental retardation, autism, and schizophrenia"


Monique Rijnkels, BCM

"Mammary gland development and differentiation - A changing chromatin landscape."

Coffee break
Session 4: Stem Cells

Peggy Goodell, BCM

"Epigenetic regulation of heatopoietic stem cells with age."


Shelley Barton, MDACC

"Trim24 targets endogenous p53 for degradation."


Austin Cooney, BCM

"Regulation of epigenetic silencing of pluripotency genes during ES and iPS cell differentiation"


Concluding remarks

  JP Issa, MDACC     



Attendee registration




Meeting Organizers




Steffi Oesterreich   steffio@bcm.tmc.edu              Baylor College of Medicine

Wei Li                     wl1@bcm.tmc.edu                  Baylor College of Medicine

Jean-Pierre Issa     jpissa@mdanderson.org          M. D. Anderson Cancer Center 

















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